Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Vacations/Review-Universal Studios' Cabana Bay Beach Resort

This was my third visit to Universal Studios. But this time the hotel made a big impact on our stay. Cabana Bay‎ is a new resort located inside Universal which exceeded my expectations with its cleanliness, great decor, and friendly atmosphere. The 1950's style instantly transports you to a time in which all you could watch on TV were Lucille Ball and all things happy. At least, this is what I imagined the fifties were like while at the resort. We loved staying there so much that our boys came up with a song about it. Here are a few pictures of the hotel.

Pools are beautiful!! They even have a lazy river. 

There you can find a Starbucks Coffee...

A Universal Gift Shop...

 And Bowling!! The Galaxy Bowl is so nice. Here is my husband teaching some moves to my youngest boy.

Universal Studios was fun and exciting although after the third day we suffered a Harry Potter overload. This was when we were glad we had the big resort to enjoy.

Finally, these are a few things I got through our stay...hey these are "mementos"...I am allowed to take them home right? Especially if you love the hotel... Come on! they even give you 1950´s-looking Vo5 shampoo and conditioner bottles. Irresistible.

Have you ever visited this resort or Universal Studios? 

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