Thursday, February 26, 2015

What is Resilience

Have you ever met a person that has been through a tragedy or trauma, and still she keeps going through life with a smile on her face, standing proud, being productive, engaging with or even helping others? And you might think how is this possible? this person endured all this adversity and seems...happy!! Well...that person is resilient. And the good news is that if you feel you aren't that resilient you can learn how to increase it.

It is the capacity to adapt to difficult situations (stress, trauma, pain or even tragedy) and bounce back from them stronger and reassured, the ability to keep going through life, changed, but improved in the most important way: emotionally.

I would say that resilience is the main road to well-being and happiness. It is the capacity WE ALL have to bounce back from life problems. Some people are naturally very resilient others have to work a bit more at it. What's most interesting about this great quality is that we can all learn to be resilient at any age. And did you know that building resilience lowers anxiety?  I wrote a post about 5 tips that help beat anxiety and you can read it here.

According to the American Counseling Association "people who exhibit strong resilience and use adverse experiences to grow also tend to find more satisfaction in life."

When we cultivate altruistic values, compassion, respect and take pleasure in helping others we increase our resilience. Optimism results in resilience. It is about knowing that there will be problems along the way but one can overcome problems. Stress, difficulties and set backs are a part of life. What matters is what we are going to do about it. Resilience is living with the "bring it on" state of mind. It involves nurturing a positive view of the self trusting that we can handle what ever life brings. 

Next post will be about how to build resilience. Would you consider yourself resilient?

P.S. How to build resilience? 8 ways.

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