Friday, February 13, 2015

Why Visit the Georgia Aquarium.

This past January we visited our very good friends in Atlanta, Georgia. My husband and I lived there for a few years but never visited the Georgia Aquarium. We had experienced the World of Coca-Cola (you can check my post about it if you like here) which is nice but never the Aquarium. Our two boys, who are 8 and 10 enjoyed it so much and took so many close ups of different species of animals that I should be getting an extra hard drive soon!

This is a fun and didactic place to go as most aquariums are. However, did you know that Georgia Aquarium is the number 3 Aquarium in the world? That is according to Tripadvisor. They have an enormous habitat with lots of viewing windows and one of the largest under water tunnels where you can actually SEE a great variety of fish. Don´t mind walking, you can look up and the automatic trail takes you through the tunnel!  Loved that part!

The most impressive fish in the Aquarium are the whale sharks. You can see them swim and interact with manta rays through the biggest viewing window! Actually they claim it is the second largest viewing window in the world. Here is a picture. Notice the people to fish size difference. Whale sharks are the largest fish species!

My kids loved the penguins' gallery also. You can enter a tunnel and pop up in a glass bubble where penguins are hanging out right beside you! Here is a picture.

As you can imagine, they have other activities: 4 D movies, animal encounter programs and education programs. However I feel these are the most impressive facts about this aquarium.

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