Monday, February 16, 2015

World of Coca-Cola

It´s all about the Coca-Cola!! It all comes down to a fresh, sweet, fizzy, happy drink! 

Sounds like a good plan for kids right? A 4D theater + sugary drinks + more sugary drinks from around the whole wide world. That pretty much sums up the World of Coca-Cola experience. If you are an avid coke drinker/connoisseur, or if you want your kids to have energy for the next five days, then by all means go visit!

During our last vacation in Atlanta this past January, we wanted to take our boys to see the World of Coca-Cola. We had avoided it in our past visits because let´s face it: it is not the healthiest of drinks. But seeing that our kids are old enough to handle the sugar rush we gave it a go. It is located right in front of the Georgia Aquarium (if you are interested you can read my post about it here).

When you arrive to the building you are received by a very amicable guide who explains a bit about the history of the brand and how we all saw it evolve through the decades. It is interesting to see how the ads adapt to our history. After that you go on to watch a short movie in a theatre which is all about the brand. So more advertising for you right there.

Then you can enter and meet the Coca-Cola polar bear or go on to see more short advertising films, or see the Coca-Cola history through a small gallery.

But if you ask me, what made the experience worthwhile was the Taste it! section. I would only recommend going to the World of Coca-Cola if you want to see your kid´s faces beam with happiness when they see all the self-serving stations filled with drinks from around the world - Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. Oh, and by the way we drink water at home so you can imagine my kids' enthusiasm for this part of the exhibit.

Have you ever been there? Would you be interested in tasting beverages unique to different parts of the world?

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