Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Things I Changed After Reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

I read this book last year and went back to it a couple of times since. I found, to my surprise, that it's full of scientific information explaining food ingestion processes that affect our brain, emotions and body. I say, to my surprise, because I was expecting an all vegan, or all raw food book, or something totally polarized. But it is not at all!

If you are a  common sense seeker, like me, you will benefit from reading this. It encourages us to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats with the assumption that our body needs every nutrient. And also, she says we are all athletes. That is new to me! I don't consider myself one at all, but I understand the thinking behind this assumption. She believes our body was built to have strong muscles and we should use it so our body can feel and perform at it best.

It's all about eating whole foods and paying attention to "hunger". She also mentions that we sometimes just want to have a burger and that having it won't ruin our whole foods eating plan. Making the burger at home is presented as a better option than going to a fast food restaurant.

Although much of the information given in the book, we may already know, having somebody tell you that the food you choose to eat will immediately affect the performance of your brain and your body, makes a huge impact in your decisions when choosing foods to put in your mouth!

I found lots of good points in this book. She explains how she was eating processed, canned and fast foods and not doing regular exercise before and how it affected her overall well-being. Progressively she realized that eating whole foods, and exercising regularly changed her body into a stronger and more energetic one.

Bottom line, the foods you eat can be the medicine that can heal certain ailments, and exercise should be something we do regularly (this one I need to work on), because we have to, just like brushing our teeth, in order to feel better. Also, your body needs "fuel" to function correctly. You can do that by eating many meals during the day. If you are hungry you have to eat. Simple as that. All this, to help your body function at its best. The trick is to choose the right foods. Can you tell how much I like this book? A book that talks about health in relation to food. Sounds good to me!

These are a few things I definitely changed after reading the book.

It's been a year now since I first read it. I keep these changes because I incorporated them as habits that really made a positive impact on how I feel.

1) Water. I drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning before breakfast. This just feels so good and by mid morning I already have two glasses as credit for hydration! She takes 1 liter every day before breakfast in a few seconds, as if taking medicine.

2) Lemons. I drink water with some squeezed lemon juice during the day and use lemons more often to condiment food. (A way to add vitamin C and all the benefits from its juice).

3) I  try to exert myself more by looking for opportunities to do so on a daily basis. I take the stairs, run to the store, or walk instead of driving whenever I can.

One particular example stuck with me. The one where she talks about children. They usually run while they play because they enjoy it. Their bodies feel good when jumping, running or climbing. They feel the need to exert themselves and so they simply do it. We tend to loose this as adults, and need to get it back by exerting whenever we can until it feels good again like it used to.

4) Quinoa, brown rice, and lentils are more present in my meals. And reduced my intake of packaged foods like cookies.

5) I also try to exercise regularly. Yes, I do try...

Step away from my coffee!

I agree with most of the what was mentioned in the book but I must say I don't think I will be skipping lattes or coffee in the near future. Although I like eating "healthy" I feel that going to extremes and getting rid of certain foods is just not for me, judging by the recent recipes I posted: Bizcochitos, flan with dulce de leche and empanadas. Eat them in moderation, I say!

What do you think?

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