Monday, March 16, 2015

About Getting Manicures and Loving Polished Nails

For as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed looking at beautifully done nails. When I was five, (yes, that long ago) I remember looking at my kindergarten teacher's long polished nails and dreaming of having her exact long nails. How cute are we as little girls? 

I have to say that, nowadays, I cannot stand my own long nails due to 12 years of weekly piano learning, and only feel comfortable with a nail that enables me to play this instrument. Whether I play or not, I have to have them short enough. 

I remember also daydreaming of having my nails done just like the cashier girls at the supermarket. Or looking at how my mum would have her nails done every week and looking at the whole process in awe. When I first visited the U.S., I guess I was 6 years old, I saw nail art! Of course, another cashier, another supermarket... I was blown away!

Now, in my adult life, I am calmer about this subject (a tiny bit) but still VERY drawn to nail polish and well done nails. With two kids, a husband, a dog and a bunny to look after, it is not a luxury that I can always enjoy. However, I try to do my at home manicure every week, ideally, or every other week, when things get too busy. 

So, I wonder, is there any reason we, polished nails lovers, like this so much? What is it about them polished, shiny, clean, neat nails? What makes us say things like: "I need to get a manicure as soon as I have the time!"  What makes us browse the drugstore's nail polish isle way too often (guilty!). I'm sure a sociological or psychological reason exists but I don't intend to find the answer here. Maybe it's just plain old fun.

Let's just enjoy our appreciation of a well done (hopefully) at home manicure and justify our fascination by saying that it makes us feel good and put together, that it is much more fun to look at lovely colored nails during the day, and that sometimes it is all we need to put a smile on our faces! We are not that complicated after all, right? 

Do you know the answer to any of these (too many) question? I would really like to know what your thoughts are about this very trivial but at the same time (let's say...) necessary? subject. :)

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