Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Boyfriend Jeans: Why You May Not Need to Buy Them

This past weekend, I was going for the Sunday relaxed feel. Looking through my wardrobe, I wasn't finding the easy going piece that would match my state of mind. You know, the - who cares I want to be comfortable -, with a bit of  - I still want to look decent - but honestly - I really could not care less - state of mind.

And then, two words came to me "boyfriend jeans". At first, I thought I didn't own jeans that would fit into that category. But, I do have a pair of old jeans, that I got after my youngest boy was born. These are the ones I used while loosing the pregnancy weight. 

They are now my favorite pair to wear, just because they are slouchy and so comfortable. I usually come back to them when I need to do work around the house, so they are distressed but in a very real way, distressed by use! 

However, if you look at them with the boyfriend jeans idea on your mind.... they can look pretty nice. I rolled them up, paired them with a white blouse, a belt, and a pair of flat sandals to enjoy the last days of summer in Buenos Aires.

What do you think? I never thought I would adhere to this style because I didn't really see myself actually purchasing specifically boyfriend jeans. But after adapting my old pair of high rise, slouchy jeans I completely changed my mind.
Comfortable trend? Count me in!

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