Friday, March 27, 2015

Coffee time bizcochitos for the weekend

These munchies are great. They are extremely easy to make and call for only... 

These are the 3 ingredients: Liquid cream, self rising or all purpose flour, and salt. Easy right?

Start by mixing the liquid cream into the flour and salt mixture. 

Knead a bit until smooth...

That's it ! Now let's stretch the dough and cut bizcochitos with a cookie cutter.

The width of the dough should be I would say 5 millimeters. Now put them on a cooking sheet. I sprayed mine with oil but next time I make them I won't because I think this dough won't stick.

That's my little helper's hand you see in the picture! Now put them in a medium to high heat oven until you see them golden brown or until you see the color you want them to be. It is so easy and quick. Of course they disappear in minutes, especially if you serve them with tea or coffee.

Thanks to my mom who reminded me of these delicious bizcochitos when I stopped by her house for coffee last week!

Please let me know if you try this recipe, and send me a picture tagging me on instagram @eclecticalu.

Have a great weekend!

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