Thursday, April 23, 2015

28 Roles of Mothers

So many times I've heard my mom saying that mothers have lots of roles. Well, since becoming a mother of two boys, I've come to learn exactly what she meant by that. 

Mother's Day is coming soon in the U.S. so I thought that may be it's a good moment for appreciating their hard work and the importance mums, moms, mummies, or mamas have in our upbringing. 

Besides being sensitive, compassionate, caring, and our unconditional emotional support, mothers have many more practical roles. Here are a few of them. Some of them are funny, some are pretty serious, others are obvious, but they are all important. Do you think that I forgot one? Please, let me know in the comments. Of course, this very much applies to some fathers and anyone that is in charge of nurturing the daily lives of little ones.  

Medium: (aha! I surprised you?) Mothers know best, so, don't ask me why, or how. They just do.

Teacher: We teach things that we know about, and for the rest, we have our best friend called google.

D.I.Y. Expert: Even if, like me, you have absolutely no skills at D.I.Y related tasks.

Tailor: One that works, mainly sewing buttons, when everybody is asleep.

Clown:  Especially when they are babies and toddlers.  

Cheerleader: Always present at every ball game or concert or school play. 

Hero: Only until they are 4, maybe with luck, 5 years old. After that you will be judged, take my words for it.

Disciplinarian: Some times we need to be the bad guy.

Best friend



Nutritionist: What a huge responsibility it is  to be in charge of a balanced meal. No wonder we are always looking for healthy meals, preferably quick ones, keep in mind all the roles we have! By the way, check out my , kids approved spinach tart.

Cook: Of course, unbeatable, simply the best around (especially when there is literally no body around who cooks :)

Professional photographer: We specialize in school plays, anything school related and birthdays. Also, first time children do things like walking, riding bikes and so on.

Party planner




Homework assistant

Homework enabler

Homework police, really



Washer and Dryer: Especially after all the D.I.Y, homework, and nutritionist roles, above mentioned, have been executed.

Taxi: To and from school, friends houses, and anywhere our kids have to go.

Luggage carrier: Primarily backpacks.

Nurse: We are the best at putting bandages in place, essentially when they are used solely to make them feel better, and even if they don't need them. We also administer whatever the doctor ordered: antibiotics, diets, etc.

Doctor: Telling the doctor what we think our children need and describing symptoms to a tee, only to find out it's not exactly what we thought. This is because sometimes we are wrong, but that's what real doctors are for!

24 hours, 7 days a week support of any kind

Did I miss a role? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Parents, relax. Give your kids a chance to be bored and School run, rise early and shine.

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