Tuesday, April 14, 2015

French Pharmacy, The Best for Babies with Sensitive Skin.

I'd like to share this with moms that are on the look for a good shampoo for hair and body that won't irritate baby's scalp or skin. This post is not sponsored! I just thought that if I knew this before my son needed it, it would have been great for him.

A year ago I noticed that my youngest boy had an itchy scalp. I switched his shampoo a couple of times to two different ones that seemed more "natural", and "gentle on babies hair" but didn't work, at all.

So, I did what concerned moms usually do, and took him to his pediatrician. He told me to get a specific shampoo for babies by Klorane and to "please stay away from anything Johnson & Johnson or any of those shampoos branded for babies that you can get at the supermarket."  So I did.

I got Klorane Baby Gentle Foaming Gel, for body and hair.  This gentle, foaming gel which is for babies' hair and body was God sent. As soon as I used it on him, his hair stopped itching, and it worked very well with his dry skin too. It smells divine! The scent is fresh, relaxing and sweet. I guess it smells like a recently bathed baby with clean clothes and all! You know, that sweet yummy scent. Plus, it leaves the hair shiny and clean.

Its main ingredient is calendula which is known for its "protective, soothing and repairing properties". This preservative, soap, and paraben free foaming gel is what I kept buying ever since. It comes in a 16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml) and lasts a bit less than a year.

For his dry skin the dermatologist recommended A-Derma Exomega Emollient Lotion 400 ml.  It worked excellently. I highly recommend it. The Rhealba Oat Plantlets extract and other natural ingredients are perfect for calming irritations on atopic and dry skin.

This lotioin leaves the baby's skin like baby skin! Very soft and nourished. If your baby or kid suffers from dry, irritated skin this lotion will repair it instantly. The scent is almost non existent and it isn't greasy at all. It absorbs very quickly and serves as the perfect hand cream for moms!

A-Derma has a super, extra gentle shampoo called A-Derma Exomega Shampooing mousse. I would use this foaming shampoo for very irritated scalps or for smaller babies. It is such a gentle shampoo that it simply wasn't enough for an 8 year old boy's dirty hair. If your baby is in need of the mildest of the mildest this is it.

I hope this was useful for moms out there with sensitive skin kids! You can leave a comment telling me your favorite brands for your little ones and you can also follow eclecticalu by email. Thank you!  :)

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