Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Make Lasagna, Recipe in one Picture

I recently learned that although lasagna seems like a complicated meal to make, actually it is not, at all! 

To assemble the dish:

1) Boil lasagna noodles or sheets, the ones you can get at the supermarket, for about 2 minutes,

2) Spread tomato sauce on the base of a baking pan, 

3) Cover it with the previously boiled lasagna sheets

4) Put the spinach mixture shown in the picture all over the lasagna noodles,

5) Cover with another layer of lasagna sheets,

6) Add chopped mozzarella and ham

7) Cover this with another layer of lasagna sheets,

8) Add the sauce you prefer with your pasta and lots of Parmesan cheese on top,

9) Into the oven it goes until golden.

So, to sum it up even more: Lasagna sheets - spinach filling - lasagna sheets - ham and mozzarella - lasagna sheets again - sauce and Parmesan. Done!

You can always freeze portions or half of what you made ready for later use. 

Have you ever made lasagna? Will you try to make it? Can you tag me on Instagram and show me a picture of your lasagna if you do make it? :) That would be great! Thanks!

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