Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Little Trick to Get Kids to Eat Veggies

Here is my very sneaky, but plain old simple way of getting my two boys to eat veggies, which I got obviously from my mom, who did this to me, thankfully. 

Simply mix all the veggies and disguise them so that they won't know they are eating them. I told you it was sneaky. Nobody needs to know... It really works! This way, when they are let's say... 8 and 10, like mine are now, they will firstly, have already incorporated the flavors, and secondly, actually ask you to make your famous spinach and carrots pie or even veggie frittatas!

Starting when they were toddlers. I made soups with every vegetable you can think of and blend all the ingredients into one delicious puree. I would even add lean beef to the mixture.

Now, I must admit, I still struggle a bit with raw salads, especially with the youngest, but he surely loves my spinach and who-knows-what-other-veggies pie!

If you are interested, I will be posting a flavorful recipe for this very filling pie that kids love. Let me know in the comments.

The other thing we used to do, which was very helpful, was to have them water tomato plants or any other vegetable or herbs available at our home. By the time the plant had given its fruits, my kids were eager to taste the results. Try to agree with them on, at least, "one bite" so they can start familiarizing with the taste. 

I am very curious to know, do you have any other ways to get them to eat "the rainbow"?

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