Thursday, April 16, 2015

Parents, Relax! Give Your Kids a Chance to be Bored Once in a While

Have you ever read articles with titles such as "32 ways to entertain your child when it's raining"  or  "How to entertain your kids during the holiday season"? I must admit, I used to be the first to read these type of articles, and take notes!

However, somewhere along the way, I realized that letting them be bored once in a while is actually good for them. How? Well, if I'm honest, my husband reminding me that I am not supposed to be their full-time entertainer, did the trick!

We are so concerned with stimulating their brains and taking every opportunity to teach them new things that we loose sight of one important thing: creativity. Giving them the opportunity to be on their own, learning about themselves through dealing with being bored, is the perfect way for kids to come up with unexpected ways to have fun. Boredom gives way to creativity, and after a few minutes of long bored faces, you'll see them having the best of laughs. It's the perfect set up for generating new ideas and for a developing brain to actually develop!

As for us parents, it is crucial to  resist the temptation of helping them build a fort or even facilitating 100 ideas for DIY projects from time to time. Being a parent does not mean that you have to fulfill every request your child has. Actually, not fulfilling absolutely all of them is what a parent must do in order for kids to grow up.

So, next time they demand entertainment, let's trust that they will come up with something to do, and give them a good 15 minutes, or more, of bored faces before giving a hint of an idea. Whenever they realize that you won't put on your clown costume their creativity will start sparking.

If you are one of those "concerned" parents, like me, next time your kids ask "Mom, what can I do?, I'm bored" we should all tell them that being bored is actually good for them and that we trust that their imagination will come to the rescue. Be warned they can end up doing things like this...

What do you think? Let me know!

P.S. Patient parents, patient kids and School run, rise early and shine!

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