Friday, May 1, 2015

Are You a Natural at Cooking?

Have you ever thought about how your approach to cooking could condition your performance at it?

Let me explain it better. Yesterday, I posted a lasagna recipe in one picture. It's a very easy way of making it with lots of common sense put into the assembling (meaning it's so easy!). This idea -of summarizing the recipe in one picture- came to me after researching recipes and seeing how long and complicated the explanations were for such a simple dish. 

Then, I read a very interesting post by Summer Tomato in which she said that if you are lucky enough to have a cooking habit, most likely it is because you know how to cook instinctively. By instinctively, she means that you don't need a recipe to come up with your meals every day. 

I suspect that if you have an aversion to cooking, you may be taking it too seriously (preoccupied with the exact measures, ingredients and quantities) and find the process very tedious. In that case, I would say, relax, and have fun making mistakes in the kitchen because it is one great way of learning!

I'm very curious to know how you learned to cook. We all have different stories in our lives, however, sometimes those stories can be surprisingly similar.

In my case, I remember watching my mum make tarts, roasted meats and all sorts of pasta since I was a toddler. She would, as a means of entertaining me, have me "help her" beat eggs or knead dough. And by help, I really mean making a mess in the kitchen. 

This is how I learned to incorporate cooking as a natural thing. I never thought of it as something that I needed to learn or take a class on, just because, to me, it's like brushing my teeth or doing the dishes. It's just another thing that you just do.

Have you seen my spinach tart, and empanadas recipes? I know how to make them instinctively because of the way I learned. The same happens with gnocchi and flan. I've seen my mom make them so many times that it is only natural for me to replicate them now. I've also seen her come up with new "inventions" during those moments of the week where you just don't have time to do the grocery shopping. 

Have you ever come up with a nice meal from whatever it is that you have in the fridge? Well, if you have, you are a natural at cooking, and like me, I bet you eyeball quantity measurements in the process. Didn't have time to get tomatoes for your spaghetti sauce? No problem, use milk, butter and flour and make a bechamel sauce, or even better, saute whatever vegetables you have and create a veggie sauce for your pasta.

Without putting too much thought into it, this is also how I have been teaching my own kids to cook. They have "helped me" cook from a very young age. 

Do you make your own meals? How did you learn to cook?

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