Friday, May 29, 2015

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Let's talk about Jamie Oliver's petition to governments across the world. Altruistic behaviors have to be favored! 

The English chef wants schools to teach every child around the globe how to grow and cook nutritious, healthy foods. This is such a charismatic celebrity we are talking about that I'm sure we will see a few changes in schools pretty soon.

Can you imagine kids coming home willing to eat healthy foods over processed ones because they learned it, hands on, at school? That's half a mother's job done right there! Forcing governments to educate our kids about this, helps us moms in the process! 

What do you think? I already signed.

By the way, have you seen his YouTube channel, Jamie Oliver's Food Tube? It's the funniest cooking show with short videos and easy to make recipes.

P.S. Ricotta Gnocchi and Flan, 5 ingredients 

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