Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend !

Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate this Sunday! I thought I'd give you some ideas with links to recent posts we mothers usually enjoy.

1. Breakfast in bed. Best part of Mother's Day (or my birthday) if you ask me. Cooked by little chefs. My favorite thing and main request for Mother's Day which is usually followed by a gift.

2. If you don't live with her, but want to cook something for her, you could follow these easy to make recipes: Flan, Gnocchi, or Bizcochitos.

3. This perfume is particularly suitable for gift giving. A spring and summer perfume in the best purse spray bottle.

4. Face masks for a spa experience.

5. Skin Care or any of these favorites.

6. 28 Roles of Mothers, she might have a laugh.

7. A visit, a phone call.

What do you usually do on Mother's Day? How do you celebrate it?

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