Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Thought on What Dads Want For Father's day

Last weekend I asked the following question to the fathers in my family - that is my husband, my own dad, and my brother - "What would you like to receive as a gift for father's day?"

The answer has a common denominator. They always start with wanting us, gift buyers, to not bother at all. It's very interesting and funny how each and everyone of them expressed the same in their own unique way.

My husband said very clearly: "Nothing, I have everything I need, really." My dad, knowing that I wouldn't go for the "nothing strategy" and that I would be getting him something anyway, made it extremely easy for me and said, "Wine" (at which we all laughed a little, admiring his quick response and very accurate idea of what he wanted). Finally, my brother, also made it extremely easy when he said: "Anything is fine" .

I came to the conclusion that they are either, very content with what they have, or they are just easy going guys, with very low expectations in the gift department! Even more, I'm seriously suspecting that what they really want is to maybe share a nice meal and enjoy a bit of the day with us, that's all.

So, when it comes to gift purchasing, don't worry about it, apparently anything goes!

Is your father like this as well?  Do you get these type of answers or completely different ones?

By the way, one answer included an option that you may find useful in case you really need ideas for father's day: A book called The Martian, by Andy Weir, which my husband is reading currently and seems to be a very good one.

Happy Father's Day this Sunday!! And for all of us, lucky ones that still have them around, I hope you can get to spend some precious time with them, which is what these holidays are all about, right?

P.S. Four recommendations and one skill that helps us achieve.

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