Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Well Kept Secret About Being a Mom

Whenever I meet up with other mom friends we end long conversations about our kids with a -you know what...?-moment, followed by two questions:

 " How can it be that it's so difficult to be a mom?"

And more importantly...

" Why didn't anybody tell us it was going to be so incredibly hard to be a mother?"

And I mean nobody.  At least, give us a warning. " Hey, are you planning on starting a family? OK, beware it can be excruciatingly hard and you will suffer physical pain, as well as psychological discomfort, such as guilt, anger, frustration, etc." There should be a warning, a label of some sort, somewhere, specifying details about it.

But then again, just after we say out loud these thoughts, we realize that being a mom is still worth it. It is the hardest job on earth but one little smile from our babies can revert, in a fraction of a second, the damage done by sleepless nights or showers not taken.

We realize that this is why neither our moms, nor our grandmothers told us about it. Being a mother is worth the excruciating pains and the psychological damage! (Am I exaggerating this a little? Scratch "excruciating" then) We love this little creatures so unimaginably much that there's absolutely no point in letting a new mom know about the difficulties of being a mother. It is all worth it.

Later on, when kids grow up, it will be an anecdote, a rite of passage, something that you necessarily have to go through, in order to have the right to call yourself a superhero, or more specifically, a mom.

I'm convinced, after 10 years of being a mom, that it's best practice to keep this secret.

Whenever you see a pregnant woman, simply smile and ask how far along are you?, or Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?, or How happy you must be to be starting your own family!

Avoid bursting into a big "Muahahaha" or  any type of comments that may lead the new mom to suspicion. Smile, and carry on. Just like our moms and grandmas did. 

What do you think? It's a secret worth keeping, right?

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