Friday, June 12, 2015

Grey Nails for Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer.

I recently went to the drugstore and got a new grey, Greige, by Sally Hansen. It's a beautiful grey with some beige in it, if you look closely. I wore it this week (crazy week I should say, 24 hour blackout included) and it was very easy to pair with all of my clothes. When in doubt reach for grey! It's the kind of color you forget you are wearing, it's easy going and subdued but elegant and right there. You can clearly see it but it's not in your face.

After wearing it for a couple of days I realized it was a Spring trend as well. It's fall here, but I saw lots of spring hands with grey on it all over the internet and on Instagram. Here's looking at you UK and US girls!

I am very interested in your opinion on this. Do you like this nail trend for Spring? Is there a nail color that you like to wear all year round? Which one is it? What's your favorite grey? 

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