Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Lotion That Helps Skin Heal Itself.

Two years ago, back when we were planning one of our many trips to the U.S. I was suffering from eczema on my hands. To make things even worse, I suddenly developed a full body rash, 5 days prior to flying to Atlanta, where we would start our vacation. 

At this point, I didn't have the Skin Md Lotion with me. I had already purchased it online, but had it delivered to our friends' house in Atlanta. So, I was trying to cope with this horrible skin issue by testing different creams and lotions that just weren't helping at all. 

Finally, by the time we got to the U.S. I slapped it all over my face first. I don't think I can describe accurately the relief I felt when I started using it. It stopped the itch instantly. The redness progressively dissipated the more I used it and my skin was, at last, moisturized. However, after a week of consistently applying this lotion all over, my skin went back to normal and didn't need to reapply as often any more.

My point is that Skin MD is the real deal. It helps your skin keep moisture inside naturally. 

Here are 7 reasons why I always make sure to buy enough for 2 years whenever I travel to the U.S. (However, during my last trip this January I only got a small one because my skin was doing so well and didn't need it as much anymore--I regret this decision, of course--now I have an almost empty small 4 oz bottle...)

1) It has natural ingredients in it. Aloe and Chamomile, to name a couple, that treat inflammation and are also perfect for calming itchy skin.

2) It 's a Non-Greasy Shielding Lotion. It really is non-greasy and it creates an antimicrobial barrier that keeps moisture in the skin so that the skin can heal itself. It prevents eczema and other conditions from developing because this barrier protects you from everyday irritants.

3) Overtime you don't need to apply as often

4) Skin is silky after use for longer periods of time because it doesn't wash off easily. Apparently this lotion bonds the outer layer of skin preventing irritants from getting into the lower layers of the skin.

5) You need a small amount and it smells nice and clean. The scent 

wears off in less than a minute. 

6) The company that manufactures it uses 100% solar energy! Made in America...You gotta love the U.S.A.

7) It's the only one that worked on my dry itchy skin.

How I got rid of eczema on my hands is a whole different story. This lotion helps prevent it. I go to it whenever I feel my skin is starting to go the itchy, dry path. 

The one with SPF is OK but not my favorite. I use it during winter but I prefer to use sunscreens with higher SPF plus it smells more like sunscreen. Are you one of those people that like sunscreen scents? I know a few...

I wanted to share this in case you are going through similar very difficult skin issues. Have you ever tried Skin MD lotions? 

P.S. La Roche-Posay Sunscreens and My Tried and Trusted

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