Friday, June 19, 2015

Try This Before Popping Ibuprofen.

Have  you ever heard that sometimes headaches may be due to dehydration and/or lack of fresh air? 

A few days back, I found myself with a headache. I went for it and started drinking water. I also opened the window to let the fresh air in. It worked like magic. The headache vanished in minutes.

After the second glass of water I started to doubt my self-awareness skills. How could I have missed the thirst? I wasn't feeling particularly thirsty at that moment. But somehow, after having the first glass of water, it wasn't enough just yet, and kept drinking until I felt like I didn't need more. 

I'm known for popping Ibuprofen at the first signs of a headache but next time I sense the beginnings of a headache I'll be throwing in this trick for good measure. 

Have you tried this before?

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