Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lemon Brownies: Do You Like Lemons?

I've always liked the scent and the occasional sprinkle on salads. But last year I read somewhere that lemons are very good for you and embraced my love of lemons. I drink around 2 glasses of lemon water (a glass of water + the juice of half a lemon, no sugar added -I know, may be too extreme-) per day. Delicious!

Along with this trend of mine, I gathered quite a few recipes using lemons as the main ingredient. 

During this quest for recipes with lemons (Google + YouTube search, really) I found Jenny Jones. What I like about her recipe is that it has great ingredients in it, such as yogurt, and canola oil, in place of butter. These brownies taste like pure sweet lemons.

This pic is from my Instagram account where I let you know in advance what goes on at #eclecticaluland... :)

All the ingredients go into one bowl. It's extremely easy to make!

Add glaze...

Every recipe is perfectly measured and she is so much fun to watch at Jenny Can Cook, her YouTube channel. I always find myself laughing out loud while taking notes for recipes.

Here's the recipe. Enjoy!

What other recipes with lemons do you make? 

P.S. Homemade popcorn and Tiramisu.

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