Friday, July 10, 2015

Pink Nude Nails

I'm curious to know. Do you like to wear nude colors on your nails?

I have a love /- not hate, but - indifference relationship with this range of color. It takes me forever to decide to wear a nude on my nails. Once I finally decide to go for it, I can see why people like nudes. They are timeless, elegant, go well with any outfit and being a barely there shade, you kind of forget you are wearing them. But, then again, that is exactly what I don't like about them. The indifference part, the barely there component.

To me, it can be a bit meh...Ha! I said it, although not eloquently enough:)

I know it's such a ladylike color, but really? Give me all the fun colors for summer and the darker, earthy tones for winter! Fun has to come first in the manicure department!

Nevertheless, here I am, wearing Essie's Ballet Slippers. Don't get me wrong, I like wearing this pastel nude pink, the thing is that I have specific purposes assigned to the nudes. I wear Ballet Slippers when I don't want my hands to stand out, or whenever I need a break from wearing other more eye-catching colors.

If you are a nude nail connoisseur, I'm sure you already know about the following. 

Victoria Beckham's bamboo white  is a sophisticated, very chic but also very expensive alternative. 

Also, the one I am definitely going to be purchasing, as soon as I can put my hands on is Fiji by Essie. I recently saw a picture of one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, from A Cup of Jo. She was wearing Fiji and I loved it! But then again, I'm not sure if that one qualifies as a nude because I actually find it awesome (and not meh at all!) Apparently Fiji promises to be the prettiest, everyday pink. Have you tried it?

Maybe I just need to check out some new pink nudes. Do you have any recommendations? 

What are your favorite colors to wear? How do you like wearing pink nudes on your nails?

Have a great weekend!

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