Friday, July 24, 2015

The Year Round Classic Nail Polish. And a Bit About 3 free Nail Polishes.

How do you feel about wearing red on your nails? I've been wearing Colorama TentaciĆ³n this week and I found it very... "entertaining" and fun!  To me this is a bright shade of red that still remains a classic. Surprisingly easy to wear and just a happy color. Isn't it the red red, the 1950's red? 

Let me introduce you to my reds. I only recently started wearing them and have kept these bottles unopened for quite a while. Who knows why. I really like them!

Colorama is a Brazilian brand with an OK quality, nothing special. What I like about them is that they have a wide range of colors. What's been bothering me lately though, is that it's not 3 free. 

By the way, I'm seriously thinking of letting go of my non-3-free nail polishes and just leaving the 3 free ones. What do you think? Here's an interesting article about the toxicity of nail polish by The Holy Kale that gives a lot of options at the end, which is why I read it! This nail polish fanatic has to remain hopeful in order to be able to read such articles!

Oh! and here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of what happens when your kids are on winter break and you are taking pictures of your beautiful red nails...

Have an "entertained" and "happy" weekend! 

P.S. Grey nails and Malbec Nails 

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