Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brown Nails: What's Your Favorite Nail Polish for Fall?

I try to do my nails, at least, once a week. Ever since I was a child I've always loved manicured hands. There's something about having polished nails that I enjoy and contributes to my mood for the better! #thelittlethings

This is a recent pic from my Instagram account @eclecticalu and the tools that contribute to my weekly ritual...

This week I chose brown. The color is a tricky one. It could look a bit dull and lifeless on my nails. As long as I stick to the warm and rich chocolate type of shade, I'm fine though. It's not the most flattering on me but these are the two I like the most.

Wooden shoe like to know?, by OPI is a happy brown. And it's the best name I've ever heard for a nail polish. Don't you think? It has these golden/copper specks that shine through whenever the light hits the nail. Such a warm and cozy color. Very appropriate for fall! It goes so well with cream colored sweaters and coats! Although, please wear it whenever you feel like! This is supposed to be fun for you, right?

Continuing with the fall love and appreciation, I have another favorite brown that I wear a lot. It's by Essie and the name of the shade is warm and fuzzy: Mink Muffs! It's slightly lighter, subdued and more of a taupe kind of color. I find this one to be more elegant than wooden shoe like to know. Maybe because it reminds me of hot cocoa, who knows! 

What are your favorite browns, taupes and neutrals?

P.S. Classic Red Nails and Pink Nude Nails 

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