Saturday, August 29, 2015

Found a Cherry Red Gel Nail Polish

And when the sun hits it...

Roulette Rush is a very pretty red but with the benefits of a gel nail polish. It was fun to wear! It lasts a couple more days than your regular polish and, paired with a topcoat, achieves that wet look that adds to the shine factor. 

By the way, I recently ran out of my Sally Hansen Fast dry top coat and made the mistake of buying the regular one. I ended up retouching my manicure every 5 minutes until it finally dried! Apparently I can't stay still for the amount of time a regular top coat requires me to. Of course, I went back to the drugstore and got the fast dry kind again.

That's it, I simply wanted to let you know about this beautiful gel like nail polish.  Have you tried any of the gel envy ones by Revlon? Which one? Any recommendations? 

P.S. Have a great Sunday and beginning of the week! Red Nails   and Malbec Nails. 

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