Tuesday, August 4, 2015

If I Could... (Tagged by The Reading Residence)

What a great surprise it was for me to see that The Reading Residence, a blog that I enjoy reading so much, tagged little old me! Thank you Jocelyn!

I recently wrote a series of posts about well-being, where I make a point of appreciating whatever your present moment is and focusing on the good things that are going on in your life. However, daydreaming can be fun, therefore, good for your mood! In addition, coming from the lovely Jocelyn, and also having enjoyed her post so much, here I am!

Having said that, the first "if I could" hits home...

If I could live anywhere:

This is where my daydreaming merges with reality dreaming, for lack of a better term.

I live in Buenos Aires. Argentina has been going through hard times for more than I can remember and, although it's a gorgeous country, I frequently consider the idea of moving! (Again!!)

My husband and I lived in the U.S. for three and a half years. Needless to say we loved it there, but for the purpose of this post I will add a few options to my beloved U.S.! 

Fall is mandatory, as well as winter, my favorite seasons. Mild summers, if only I could... beautiful parks and gardens for long walks, good schools for my kids, and friendly kids and people all around. 

Canada, England (those gardens, and the English tea!), Sweden (low political corruption is a dream come true for concerned Argentinians).

If I could have any home:

I am so content with my house it's hard for me to imaging myself wanting a better one. I love my home. My husband and I designed it to fit our needs and taste. It's quite modern, we recently added a pool, and my kitchen is the best I could ask for. Modern and big. 

Oh wait! now that I think of it, we could use an extra room for occasional visitors, and since we are daydreaming, a bigger garage space for a third car, considering my kids will need it in the future (10 years from now). Maybe we could move this exact same house to Canada? Hey, Jocelyn, you started the free thinking process! It's unstoppable now! :) 

It could be done in my imagination!

If I could have any garden:

Whenever I think of beautiful gardens I think of England. Those English gardens are a dream come true. I've always loved them. Paths with lovely flowers on both sides that find a bench at the end, surrounded by the greenest grass, plants and creeper plants climbing every wall. 

If I could be on holiday right now:

I would be skiing in Mendoza, Argentina, with my family. Or... visiting Quebec, Canada. Some day, one day!

If I could have any job:

I would be blogging for a living! I enjoy every aspect of it. Taking pictures, thinking of new content ideas, writing, being my own boss. I'm working for free right now so, if I every get paid, it would definitely be a dream come true.

If I could have any talent:

Is being able to reduce the amount of guilt felt at any moment in time a talent? I'm not saying erasing it from my genetic composition but decreasing it? Maybe?

If I could live any day again:

I would choose this past summer holidays at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida. The four of us had the best time there. I wrote a post about it if you are interested! Completely recommend that resort.

If I could have any superpower:

Jocelyn, you are right! Teleportation would be a very handy superpower, especially if I'm moving to a different country! 

I liked writing this post a lot. Thank you Jocelyn for the free association and imaginary thinking exercise! I'm tagging a few bloggers as well. To join in link back to me here, post about it and tag other bloggers to share.  

I tag:

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Reader, please, feel free to leave a comment on any of these if I could ! I'm curious to know about you as well.

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