Friday, August 21, 2015

Tools For A Perfect At Home Manicure

Weekends are for beauty at #eclecticaluland. So, I thought I would show you the tools I wish I knew existed when I started doing my own nails.

You'll need...

An orange wood stick or any cuticle pusher.

A hang nail clipper. Proceed with caution! Only cut them when really needed and not for cuticles. Apparently, if you cut your cuticles they will grow back! So, push them back regularly and you'll be fine. 

Sally Hansen's "No More Mistakes" is a must for beginners. It makes your cleaning job so much easier by getting rid of mistakes instantly. 

And a nail file, of course.

Any cuticle oil will do. It will help your nail bed look so much better and neat. Hydrated and pushed back cuticles are a must if you want to achieve a professional looking manicure.

Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover was a great discovery to me. This product softens your cuticles in seconds so you can push them back easily.

Another great discovery was Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat by Revlon. It creates a sticky base for the nail polish to adhere and makes your polish more durable.

A top coat gives extra shine, and helps speed the drying process as well. I recently got this top coat, have you tried it? I will soon! and will let you know how it works, and if it's any different from the one on the picture, so don't forget to come back next week :)

This nail treatment by OPI Nail Envy improved my peeling nails. I've been using it for almost a year now and even though I paint them every week, my nails are much stronger now!

Do you go to a salon? Do you DIY ? Any secret tools? Let me know!

P.S. 10 steps to a complete at home manicure. 

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