Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why Family Days Out Are So Important: A Visit To The Museum.

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but for some reason I had been feeling uneasy. I kept thinking that I had to take our kids out for fresh air, a change of scenery and to be in contact with other places and people! 

In addition, we had been through two weeks of copious rain (#elniƱo2015). Finally this past Sunday the rain stopped, skies parted, and the mighty sun made its bright appearance. 

Going out and about has a similar effect as going on vacation but on a different scale. In fact, sometimes it's a prescription to help treat depression. Going out for a walk and being in contact with nature can shift your mood, in a second, for the better. 

Going to the Museum of Natural Science in La Plata, and spending our morning enjoying the park and the beautiful blue skies afterwards, worked like a charm. You can witness this on my Instagram account where I went a bit crazy with pics. Click the link if you want to see a sunny family selfie. The sun was in our eyes and struggled to keep them open!

This is a bit of what happened there...

We saw many of these...

One of these...(cool book, uh?!). Notice the size of my hand for reference...

And went for a delicious lunch!

How do you feel about going out? It doesn't have to be to a specific place as long as it puts you in contact with fresh air and some level of physical activity. Sometimes, a walk around your neighborhood can do the trick.

I'm curious to know, how often do you go out on planned outings with your kids? And what about walks, or breaths of fresh air? Is it every weekend? Once every two or three weekends? Now that my boys are 9 and 10 (almost 11) we found ourselves not going out as much as we used to when they were younger and didn't have i-pads!!

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