Monday, September 7, 2015

A Ridiculously Simple Trick To Get Motivated To Workout

Last Friday I dragged myself to the gym after saying NO, to all the excuses I was wisely coming up with. The one that almost got me was: "If you go, you won't have time to write that post that you've been wanting to write for the longest time". Aha! Very clever.....almost got me!

Instead, I simply stopped thinking and went to my "body pump" class! Very much like a bloodhound that has sniffed its prey, or for lack of a better example, like a zombie.   

I did this because I remembered my trainer at the gym saying that whenever you are exhausted and can't take not even one more dumbbell lunge repetition, simply stop thinking and listen to the music. Well, I don't know about the "simply" part because I haven't reached that point just yet, but I applied that same principle to my pre workout mindset. 

This mindset has become my trick for getting myself to the gym now. To simply go. Excuses are ignored. I stop thinking about the 1,085 reasons I have for not going to the gym and just get there. I shut my brain off for a few minutes until I get there and follow Nike's advice, Just Do It! Once I'm there I'm fine. Sometimes, I even enjoy the class! Apparently this works for me. 

As you can see, in my case, the struggle is real. Not much of an athlete here!

What's your pre work out motivation?

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