Monday, September 28, 2015

The Most Wonderful Smell In The World

Being a parent may be one of the most challenging jobs you'll ever do but don't you worry! Nature has got you covered!! There's always a reward: baby smell! Haha! all right, there's also, hugs, kisses, cuddles, smiles and loads of cuteness.

What's your favorite scent from nature? The smell of rain, leaves, roses, jasmines? All those are delightful, but mine is the smell of my kids.

Not the one right after a shower, which is delicious and clean. (On a second thought, that one too.) 

To me, nothing beats their characteristic smell whenever I hug them or kiss them. The one they have naturally is heaven on earth. At this stage, I call it "the angels scent". Not baby smell anymore, because they are now 11 and 9! So, you see, I don't have much time to figure out how I can bottle said scent. In a few years from now it will be definitely gone...Let me know if you know how!

I try to embrace the present moment, but whenever I hug them or kiss them, I always say to my kids: "I'm going to keep this lovely smell and keep it in a jar!"

Their responses are sometimes hilarious, and range from a simple grin (a polite way of saying "mom, you've said that a million times now") to figuring out how I would go about and do that!! 

Do you say this to your kids? If you don't have kids what's your favorite smell? Would love to know...sniff!

P.S. Parenting styles, a mother refuses to be classified and An old school trick to give parents a break from homework. 

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