Friday, September 4, 2015

When Beauty Products Boost Your Mood

Have you ever thought about how well designed products can improve your quality of living, and consequently uplift your mood? These products basically make you happier and enhance your day!

I've always considered myself to be thoughtful and profound. However, I have to admit, show me a nice nail polish or a beautiful handbag and the profoundness takes a break until further notice. Nobody's perfect!

I've found that simple, frivolous things, can have an effect on how we feel and, in some cases, they even contribute to health improvements. Examples of this would be buying nice workout clothes in order to feel motivated to workout, or getting a nice backpack for school, or in this case, a night cream that has a lovely scent and improves your skin! Simple as that.

I recently got Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit again and suddenly, I was looking forward to do my night time face cleaning so I could apply said night cream. 

I'm not sure what it does to my skin exactly. We could ask Mrs. Hirons to find out why I see a difference the next morning. I do know that my face looks better whenever I use it.

The exquisite and elegant scent is my favorite. If you are sensitive to fragrance test it before buying. Personally, it's one of the main reasons I tend to go back to Hydra Zen Nuit. The lovely perfume! 

I'm curious to know, do you have any feel good & happy to use products? The kind that you look forward to wear? 

I guess we've discovered the secret behind the beauty industry. They are onto us! Don't you think? Lancome you are doing a good job then! 

P.S. Do you use face masks? and YouTube driven purchases 

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