Monday, October 26, 2015

Do Your Kids Eat Salads?

This past Monday, a lovely lady at a store counter, let me in on a trick to make kids eat veggies so I wanted to share it with you, in case you are interested in this sort of trickery...

Simply serve your kids fish, chicken or red meat, whatever you are making that day, and only offer them a wide variety of salads. Realistically, in my case, this translates into 2 different ones, if I'm in a cooking mood, maybe three.

I sort of did it last night. And by sort of, I mean that I didn't offer uniquely salads with the main dish. I served a few other options as well, more specifically this spinach tart that they love. 

I must admit, they were under quite some pressure to eat salad. So they did, bless their souls! My youngest (who struggled to eat 4 pieces of lettuce) announced he has been "eating salads for a looong time now", although we only just found out last night.  ;)  My eldest asked for seconds. Pretty good, right?

So, it kind of worked. They did have some salad. Although this was not a magic trick and I didn't follow it to a tee, It had a positive result. I think that the variety of salads helped. Giving them the option to choose between two of them empowered them a bit.

How do you ease your little ones into eating vegetables? Please, share your tricks!

P.S. A creamy soup with a story behind it and One Little Trick to Get Your Little Ones to Eat Veggies.
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