Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How Often Do You Change Your Staple Perfume

I recently received a gift from my mom that I loved. In fact, an Instagram haul has been going on lately, exhibit A, B, CD, and E #thanksmom.

I've been using the same perfume for many years with the occasional substitution between this one and this one.   It's not very often that I include another perfume into the rotation. Well, this one made it to my top 4.

Eclat D'Arp├Ęge by Lanvin has a hint of sweetness combined with citric notes resulting in a sophisticated and refined scent.

For lack of a better description of the scent, next time you see it on a counter, would you try it? Let me know what you think! I loved it!

P.S. When beauty products boost your mood.

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