Saturday, October 17, 2015

Throws, Pashminas, Ponchos & Anything In Between.

It is spring time where I live, but it has been feeling a lot like winter, with low temperatures and windy days. This time of the year calls for body butters and throws...among many other things (dark nail polish, hot beverages, reading by the fire, apple pie, pumpkin favorite!!). Before I get carried away by a very long list of beautiful things let's focus on what brought you here.

Lately, I've been wearing this throw over every outfit I own. It even looks elegant with sneakers as you can see here. What do you think? The point is, you can "throw" it on, it looks good with everything, and it's perfect for when it's starting to get chilly. Perfect for fall and/or in my case, spring.

Although it was a gift from my mother in law, a few years ago, it is still in very good conditions. At the time, the label bothered me, so I removed it, and now I don't know who made it. Very clever! Sorry about that, but there are lots of similar ones on the market, if you are looking into getting one for yourself.

I received this necklace as gift recently all the way from Madrid. I've been wearing it for three days in a row! It adds a little something to the sweater, which is by H&M by the way. Oh! and those jeans are from Zara

About this next lovely cape. Is this a poncho with sleeves? I don't know, but it's so warm and easy to wear. I've also had it for years. It's by a brand called Susana Martino. This is the only link I could find on the web.

After taking this picture I went straight to the bank. (Although, now that I see it, I realize I should have ironed it first!) Oh well...had to run some errands, and this was the perfect balance of warmness and unironed chicness. Loved it. Do you like these pieces for fall? I would totally recommend getting a similar one if you haven't already. 

Do you own any ponchos or pashminas? Do you see yourself wearing them? I'm curious to know! Let me know in the comments, and if you happen to take a picture of yourself wearing it, please tag me on Instagram! Thank you for reading!

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