Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Throws, Pashminas, Ponchos & Everything In Between, Part II

Last week, I took advantage of the last bits of a chilly Spring and took a few pictures in order to show you the other throws and capes I wore during the colder months! 

If you missed part one, where I showed you a few more, you can have a look here.

These pieces are so easy to wear. I can literally "throw" them over almost any garment in my wardrobe and still look like I put some effort into getting dressed. 

For us moms, with limited sleep time on our hands, this can be a very important variable to consider when buying new clothes. Whatever I buy, it should be comfortable or else, I'm not wearing it. Fact of life!

What about you? 

Last one.

We are heading into Summer now so this will be my last update on winter fashion. You will be getting lots of spring and summer related posts from me, in the near future. 

If you are experiencing all the goodness that comes from Fall, then I am a bit jealous. I love autumn and winter!

What season are you in now? What's your favorite one?

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