Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Quick Smoothie Recipe

I've replicated many delicious smoothie recipes in the past, however I don't always have all the ingredients in my kitchen. Coconut water? not a regular thing in my pantry. The same happens with quark cheese or baobab powder! 

Last week, I wanted to make a smoothie and decided to blend what I had in my fruit bowl and fridge, at that specific moment. The result was pretty good and, since then, made it almost every day. 

My point is that you can easily make your own smoothie, come up with different combinations, whether you have a lot of ingredients or a few. Just put yummy fruits in the blender and give it a try. One tip though. Bananas always make everything sweeter and better!

Easy right? I got my hands on some strawberries today, so... you know, I think my next smoothie will be more on the red side of the color spectrum. 

What's your favorite, easy-to-make smoothie?

P.S. A creamy soup with a story behind it and Picky eaters approved veggie terrine 

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