Friday, December 18, 2015

Going To The Beach...For Christmas.

Eclecticalu is taking a week off. This weekend, we'll be heading to the beach for Christmas, which means that there won't be new posts, during the upcoming week. 

In case you feel like reading, I'm leaving a few options below. 
If, on the other hand, you feel like looking at sunsets on the beach my Instagram will be a good place for that.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Time travel to the 50's. Visit Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal next time you go to Orlando. My kids loved it. I think they'll still remember specific things from this hotel, through the years to come.

Did you know that Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium, is one of the biggest in the world? We saw really huge fishes there!

I would recommend going to the World of Coca-Cola, only if you want to see your kids' faces beaming with happiness when they see the self-serving stations with flavors from all over the world.

Food & Recipes
Argentine Empanadas: step by step. Family recipe: 

Making ricotta gnocchi is very, very, very easy, did you know?

The best lemon brownies I've ever had. Not a hint of butter in them.


This drugstore red gel nail polish is my favorite and lasts decently on my nails. Have you tried it?

Blue nails...need I say more? (heart eyed emojis everywhere) 

The reason why I started wearing eye shadow. An all nudes palette.

This winter I wore throws and capes a lot. I found they can be very easy and warm. There's a Part I. 

And Part II.

I didn't know I had a pair of "boyfriend" jeans, but it turned out, I did! The story behind my boyfriend jeans.

Women of a certain age: Let's age gracefully. 

An old school trick to give parents a break from homework. 

A well kept secret about being a mom. What nobody tells you for all the right reasons. (I may have exaggerated a little on this post, let me know your thoughts?)

Well Being
Your thinking, your view of the world.

Anxiety trick, an ode to my piano.

Cultivating well being series: 1, 2 Five Basic Ideas to Prusue, 3 An Antidote to Anxiety and 4 Why Altruism Works for Our Own Good. 

Clickable links from the past:

Here's one.


And last one.

Did you know I have a YouTube Channel? I uploaded 3 videos so far, but I've been enjoying the editing process so much, that I'm sure there'll be more to come. Have a look if you like!

I'll return to normality the week after Christmas with news from my trip (that was my Instagram link). Have a wonderful weekend and holidays!!

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