Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Did You Do For Fun During School Holidays?

Hello my e-pals! The end of school is lurking around here! Holidays start December 15 and my kids will be at home, without school, until the end of February! Help!

We will be traveling for a couple of weeks (I'll let you know when we do, #FollowMeonInstagram) but the rest will be FREE time! I'm always concerned with how they will be using their free time while at home. And also, how many no's I will have to utter as a response to screen time requests.

I found two very interesting articles that give ideas. I especially liked one of them which introduced the concept of traveling in your own backyard. The other article gives you a list of 101 things to do with children on holiday break, which comes very handy.  However, what I liked the most is the simplicity of what the author said before the list: give your kids chores and opportunities to do honorable work around the house. I think this revolutionary (in this day and age) and obvious idea has a lot of potential. What do you think? I'll let you know if it does. 

I know that being bored is good for you from time to time when you are a kid, but I'm planning on inviting their friends to play in the pool, as much as possible. The rest can be challenging especially around the age of 11. 

I would really appreciate your input here. What did you do for fun when you were a kid? What did you like about the summer holidays? What did you truly enjoy doing when school was out? Any ideas will be gratefully taken into consideration and much appreciated. Thank you!

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