Friday, January 22, 2016

Clickable Links Friday And My Carrot Cake Incident

It was my birthday yesterday, January 21st. I was very happy to be having friends and family over, but one unexpected thing happened involving my homemade cake.

I made a carrot cake for the occasion. The moment came for me to blow out the candles, so I went to the fridge and took the cake out. When I was about to place it on the table, it slipped out of my hands, splashing onto the floor... sniff, sniff! Ruined carrot cake kind of situation.

Something to do with the plastic lid that was covering the cake, and the slippery, and very breakable glass dish. Anyway... my very good friends went to the nearest Havanna shop and got me another cake (yum!) Problem solved. 

Apart from this random incident, and the fact that I'm one year older,  :/  next week I'm starting a series of blog posts about mindfulness techniques and how to incorporate them to our daily lives. Are you interested?

Have a great weekend! 

On self confidence.

10 ways introverts interact differently with the world

Bad news for our planet but we can generate change.

There's a 64.5% chance of it happening! Downton Abbey movie.

World's best countries.The German way.

Good thing I like tomatoes. Do you? Caprese salad, anyone? 

The repercussions of Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman's names. (video) Why I find British humor so funny is still beyond my comprehension. 

Thank  you for reading!

(Photo taken during our last trip to Punta del Este.) 

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