Friday, January 15, 2016

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What are your plans for the weekend? I'm on a full-time mom mode. My kids are on summer vacation until the end of February. Sometimes it's a challenge, but between having their friends over and going to the movies we are surviving doing fine, thanks...

1. Speaking of movies, and of kids being on vacation...we went to see Star Wars 7. Have you seen it?  I cried twice! Star Wars is a sci-fi movie, and I cried... twice(?!!?). I guess, it's not every day that you see Han Solo and Princess Leia reunite. :)

2. On the subject of reunions... Have  you heard? Friends is coming back after a 12 year break?

3. If, by any chance, you are a Friends connoisseur, and fan (like me), you may want to consider this Instagram account, with daily clips of different episodes.

4. 10 myths about introverts.

5. If you follow this blog, (if not, I'll quote Caroline Hirons and say "how rude"!) you may know that I'm loving yoga and learning a lot in the process, especially from Yoga with Adriene. Well, in this case I found 10 yoga poses to relieve anxiety.

6. Chimps reveal defining element of friendship

7. When a good cry is good for you.

8. It's hard to be an Actor (funny).

Have a great weekend! 

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