Friday, January 8, 2016

Like or Dislike: Vanilla Perfumes

A few years ago, I was carpet shopping, for my home stairs. I went to a shop, near my house, where you can find a good selection. When I got in, the air smelled sweet and comforting. It was vanilla. The girl at the counter was wearing it, and I'm pretty sure they were using a vanilla room spray, as well .

I loved it at the time. From then on, my quest for a vanilla perfume began! I ended up getting the Sephora Collection, eau de toilette, vanilla purse spray, months later. I used it a lot during that year, but for some reason, I don't wear it as often anymore. Yesterday, I sprayed it on my pillow and it almost had the same effect as lavender. Calming, but with an added cozy and warm twist. 

I couldn't find it on the Sephora site today, so I'm not sure whether they have it in stock right now, or not, but here's a list of 14 (apparently "of the best") vanilla perfumes.

The one I got is very sweet. It smells like vanilla with sugar on top. Extra sweet. Definitely, not an every day kind of fragrance for me, but on the days I want to smell like cake, I wear it! :)

So now, I'm curious to know about you. Do you like sweet scents? Some people can't stand wearing them. What kind of perfumes do you like to wear?

P.S. Perfumes I like and How often do you change your staple perfume?

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