Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Chocolate Soap Dilemma

Last week, I saw this bar of soap at my local VZ Bath & Body shop. I thought it was beautiful and fun. So, I brought it home with me. However, when I opened it and smelled it, I immediately wanted to eat it! 

Bottom line, to me, something is wrong with the concept. On one hand, I think it's pretty and fun but once you smell it, your temporal lobe engages in a dilemma. To eat, or not to eat. Ha!

I currently placed it in my socks drawer patiently waiting for the one in use to call it quits. I can't pin point exactly what it is about this chocolate soap. Vanilla, I can manage. Chocolate, apparently is too much to handle. Yum! Maybe I should try other brands with more of a soapy scent. Any favorites?

Do you like any "edible" bar soaps? 

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