Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yoga: My Feel Good Workout

The evolution of my workout routine is going very well so far, thank you very much. I went from completely unmotivated to happily anticipating my next yoga class.

How this happened has everything to do with Yoga With Adriene. Her yoga camp classes (I'm currently on day 18 of 30 days of yoga) are daily improving my overall well being.

It's not just about the good workout. It's about experiencing yoga as a whole, learning to be present and attesting that there actually is a connection between mind and body, and that by tending to it, your well being flourishes.

Give it a try and let me know! You see, I've tried yoga before but never really got into it. Previous classes I tried with different teachers never clicked. What can I say?...there's something about Adriene's guidance and, the way she incorporates mantras (today's mantra was "I surrender") to specific movements.

Now, here I am, recommending you to take a look at one of Adriene's videos. Any video. All of them have a common theme: finding what feels good. And that's exactly what you get: you feel good.

Don't worry about flexibility. It doesn't matter what level of yoga you subscribe to, she's got you covered. She is funny, but can also be serious, caring, smart and all this, in the right dose, with an ease and "flow" that results in a dignifying, uplifting yoga class. I guess Adriene has been touched by the magic wand that grants talent. And she uses it for our benefit, yay! A great yoga guide all around.

Can you tell I've been having the best time at yoga camp? Are you a yoga camper already? Have you ever tried an at home yoga class? 

P.S. Cultivating Well Being,  Cheese Plate Praise and When Stars Align: Yoga and Life 

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