Monday, February 22, 2016

6 Unexpected Facts About Motherhood in Argentina

Being a long time fan of Cup of Jo's series Motherhood Around the World, and inspired by these very interesting and beautifully written posts, I thought I'd let you in on a few fun facts about motherhood in Argentina.

Children's Birthdays: Most parents celebrate their children's birthdays at "peloteros", which are places, specifically made for kids' birthday parties, that you can rent for 2 to 4 hours. These peloteros have everything already set up for the occasion. They provide a birthday-friendly infrastructure that includes games, play-makers, waitresses, food, balloons, piƱatas, and even the cake. The idea is for parents to host the birthday party there, and after candles have been blown, gifts have been given, and fun has been had, they can go back to their clean house, stress free! 

*That's my youngest boy!

Children's Birthdays part II: When celebrating kids birthdays, moms tend to serve exclusively junk food. Yes, that's right. Cheerios, candies, bagged fries, hamburgers and hot dogs, you name it. If it's junk food, they serve it. You can find Coca Cola and Sprite easily. However, my kids have had a hard time finding bottled water to drink, many times! Apparently, eating junk food is part of the birthday present (?!) And, don't even try to suggest healthier food options for birthdays, you will be frowned upon, by most moms. I'm speaking from my own experience... eek! 

Bananas and Friendly Greengrocers: Greengrocer's shops (independently run, small, produce stores) are very easy to find in Buenos Aires and all around Argentina. To give you an idea of how popular these shops are, I have two of them, one block away from my house. If you happen to go with your toddler, or baby, to one of these places to buy veggies and fruits; the greengrocer will give you a banana for your kid to eat, at the store, while you order your veggies, or even to take home as a gift.

*Those are my two boys! #proudmama 

Bakeries: Similar thing happens at the bakery, which, by the way, make the most delicious pastries. Argentine kids have an afternoon snack, around 5 pm, consisting of chocolate milk with cookies or pastries. (Adults have tea or coffee!) It's also very likely that when a parent goes with a toddler, to a bakery, the little one, will be given a treat, in the form of a pastry or cookie to munch while mom finishes shopping. 

Pacifiers: When a baby drops her pacifier and it hits the ground, more mamas than I'd like to admit, will rush to pick it up, and suck their baby's pacifier before returning it to their precious bundle of joy. They truly think they are washing and cleaning it. Yuck! I say germs are having a party.

On queues and friendly people: Let's say you are waiting in line, at the bank (there are always lines or queues here in Buenos Aires, at banks, hospitals and public services centers). The person next to you, will most probably, start a conversation with you and your little boy/girl and ask questions regarding their age, whether they have siblings or not, and then talk to the little ones in an effort to make them feel better about waiting in a long queue. 

What is a surprising thing about motherhood in your country? Would love to know!

P.S. If you are a blogger and would like to write about motherhood in your country, please let me know, maybe link to my post so I can link yours to mine, and tag me @eclecticalu on twitter or instagram, so I can read it too! I'm very curious to know! Thank you for reading!

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