Monday, February 29, 2016

Azuni London Jewellery

The story of how I found Azuni has a little bit of fate incorporated to it, at least, that's what I like to think!

During one of my parents' visits to London, my mom bought the Athena Small Stone Drop earrings and bracelet. Back in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she gave them to me as a gift. I have cherished them ever since. A few years passed, and because I wear them so often, I decided to let you know about the brand and how much I liked their jewellery. 

When I googled Azuni London, I saw that Ashley Marshall, Creative Director and Founder of Azuni, who is passionate about tribal art and ancient cultures, was inspired to create his jewellery line after travelling to Central and South America. After learning this, I like to think that his earrings made its way back to South America, where the designer envisioned them.

On a side note, when my mom gave them to me, she showed me a picture of Kate Middleton wearing these exact same earrings. Of course, they looked gorgeous on her. But then, I tried them on, and surprisingly enough, they looked quite good on me as well, haha! 

The Athena small stone drop earrings are weightless and so easy to wear. I especially like the design and the stone, Aqua Chalcedony. Everything about them feels unique.

Non UK friends: is this jewellery brand available where you live? What kind of jewellery do you like to wear on a daily basis?

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