Friday, February 26, 2016

Clickable Links Friday

Hi! It's pouring rain as I write today. The sound of rain, paired with the occasional thunder, are my favorite parts of a storm. Do you like rain? To me, nothing beats it. Especially after days of high summer temperatures with a scorching sun threatening to melt your existence. Plus, we are getting much needed lower temperatures. 

We are also prepping school supplies for next week. My boys are going back to school after a looong summer vacation...(phew!)

What are you up to?

My eldest boy is turning twelve later this year, so I'm all about reading, mostly everything I can find about adolescence. Here's a great article by goop, if you are on the same boat as me. Navigating Adolescence and Understanding your Kids Perspective.

The lingerie brand that refuses to airbrush models is launching a campaign for eating disorders awareness week. Let's support this brand. This is a great.

Do you like wearing stripes? I do and they are here to stay. Candy colored stripes as seen on Milan fashion week.

If Trump wins...Americans moving to Canada (!!?)

Why this blog's Mindfulness series are good for you :)  How meditation changes the brain and body. I don't want to say "I told you" but I did! Ha ha ha!

Canada's Prime Minister and his pink t-shirt. Against bullying.

How to use the emoji against online bullying

I don't drink coffee. Should I start? 

I didn't know Bill Gates had a YouTube channel. The Gates Notes. 

Happy Friday!

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