Friday, March 4, 2016

Clickable Links Friday

This week was a back-to-school kind of week for us and we've been working on adjusting to the schedule again. Waking up earlier and going to bed earlier too. I have a feeling this weekend will be all about regaining hours of sleep and just enjoying the two non-school days. What about you? 

Yesterday was "World Wildlife Day", a UN initiative to celebrate our planet's wonderful and unique species. There are some bad news but also some good ones.  

Perfectionists at work. Cute and funny.

30 Pro makeup tips you've never heard before.

Chloe show. Apparently fleeces are back, not that they ever left my closet.

Baby Joey spreading love and joy brought happy tears to my eyes. 

New mom has perfect answer to body shaming 11 months after giving birth.

20 reasons why you should visit the Netherlands.

I was skeptical about Ghostbusters 2016 but the trailer is good! I know I'll have to watch it with my kids so, you case you are on the same boat.

I've always loved learning languages but Matthew Youlden has raised the bar too high! Watch him speak 9 languages. Impressive.

20 + kids who are the masters of hide and seek

Have a good one!

*Painting by my mom 

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