Friday, March 25, 2016

Clickable Links

It's a long weekend here, with Thursday and Friday being non working days. Today's links are a bit late because we all went to see Batman vs Superman. Yeah, I realize it's not the best of excuses, but you know, I have two boys who are all about Avengers and Super Heroes. It was inevitable.

President Barack Obama in Bariloche (Argentine Patagonia). A warm photo via Argentine's First Lady Instagram account. And this is where they stayed in Bariloche  during the last few days of their visit here. By the way, how inspiring is Michelle Obama! And how nice they are as a family was a lovely surprise to a lot of Argentines.

Creative Bathroom Signs.

This Harry Potter jewelry is beautifully made. Have a look.

I'm currently watching Scorpion, well, actually, I've only watched the first episode, but I'm excited about next one. 

Carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting. It's cake for breakfast!

On the need for kids to learn from failure. So true.

10 tips to prevent neck pain. Yes, please.

A beautiful note by Brene Brown. 

Have sweet weekend!

(Photo of Obama via mundo sputnik news)


►Nadush said...

great post :)

Kay said...

Loving the clickable links as always, hun! What did you think of Batman vs Superman? x Me and my boyfriend are seeing it Monday (he's more of a superhero fan than I am, though), and the reviews seem pretty mixed! x


Eclecticalu blogspot said...

Hi Kay! I'm not a superhero fan either. These kinds of movies are not my cup of tea. It was OK for the kids but I didn't enjoy all the shooting and lasers coming out of people's eyes! Haha! The good thing is Wonder woman is in the movie as well. That was my favorite part ;)


Carmen Varner said...

They Harry Potter jewelry is just amazing. Everything is so unique & striking. #7 is so cute. :]

// ▲ ▲

Eclecticalu blogspot said...

It is! isn't it? Very pretty and wearable. Thank you Carmen!