Monday, March 14, 2016

How Do You Like Your Tea?

Have you noticed how everyone has their own specific, and sometimes very unique, way of drinking tea? 

To me, having tea, equals joy and coziness. I even drink it hot during the summer! Call me crazy but, in this household, tea time is almost sacred, it's an essential part of our day

Not all cups are created equal.

Whenever I have friends and family over for tea, I ask how they'd like their infusion of choice. Answers are proportionally representative. Everyone has their own special twist to the way they drink it, which makes the process quite intricate!

First, there's the selection of a preferred kind of tea. Green Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile, the list is almost infinite. Then, brewing time. And lastly: sugar?, honey?, milk?, lemon?, cinnamon?, you name it. 

I like Earl Grey with a splash of cold milk. No sugar for me please. Having said that, tea has to come with some kind of baked good...or else... I'll search high and low for a cookie let's just say that the experience won't be as joyful or cozy.

What about you? Do you drink tea? I'm very curious to know, what's your favorite way of drinking tea? What kind? Hot, cold? Milk? Lemon?  

*photos from my Instagram

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